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Exeter Protoplanetary Disc and Planet Formation Imaging Group

Group photo 2017 (left to right): Alexander Kreplin, Jacques Kluska, Stefan Kraus, Matthew Willson, Edward Hone, Claire Davies, Narsireddy Anugu

Team Members:

Group Leader Prof. Stefan Kraus s.kraus (at)
Post-doc Dr. Narsireddy Anugu n.anugu (at)
Post-doc Dr. Claire L. Davies cdavies (at)
Post-doc Dr. Alexander Kreplin akreplin (at)
PhD student Mr. Edward Hone ehone (at)
PhD student Mr. Aaron Labdon al612 (at)
Master student Mr. David Smith
Master student Mr. Mark Ward
Master student Ms. Antonia Wilmot

Former Team Member:

Post-Doc Dr. Jacques Kluska now Post-doc at University of Leuven (Belgium)
PhD student 2013-17 Dr. Matthew Willson now Post-doc at Georgia State University (USA)
Master student 2016/17 Mr. Ryan Forsdick
Master student 2016/17 Mr. Joseph Hanson
Master student 2016/17 Ms. Louisa Lamburn
Master student 2016/17 Mr. Edward Liddon
Master student 2015/16 Ms. Abigail Frost
Master student 2015/16 Mr. Joshua James

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