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Upcoming Talks:

14-22 July 2018 COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Caltech/USA
15-18 May 2018 UK-India Frontiers of Science Meeting, Chicheley Hall/UK
5/6 April 2018 EWASS, Liverpool/UK "VLTI Imaging of a High-Mass Protobinary System: Unveiling the Dynamical Processes in High-Mass Star Formation"
21-23 March 2018 UK Exoplanet Meeting, Oxford/UK

Past Talks:

10 March 2017 ESO VLTI Community Day, Garching/Germany "Planet Formation Imager — Concept studies for a next-generation interferometer"
9 March 2017 ESO VLTI Community Day, Garching/Germany "Disc structure in a high-mass protobinary system"
8 February 2017 University of Leicester/UK "Disks around low- and high-mass young stars resolved with interferometry" (invited seminar)
17 January 2017 University of Southampton/UK " Disks around low- and high-mass young stars resolved with interferometry" (invited seminar)
26 August 2016 Star Formation 2016 conference, University of Exeter/UK "Resolving the disc structure of the FU Orionis star V346 Normae"
1 July 2016 SPIE 2016, University of Edinburgh/UK "Planet Formation Imager: Science vision and key requirements"
11 March 2016 Protoplanetary Disc(ussions) conference, University of Edinburgh/UK "Imaging the birth of exoplanetary systems: The Planet Formation Imager (PFI) project"
17 September 2015 TORUS 2015 workshop, University of Southampton/UK "Opportunities with the Planet Formation Imager for Extragalactic Science" (invited talk)
12 September 2015 VLTI School, University of Cologne/Germany "The Future of Interferometry" (invited talk)
19 August 2015 Quantum Astronomy and Stellar Imaging Meeting, University of Sydney/Australia "The Planet Formation Imager Project" (invited talk)
25/26 June 2015 VLTI Community Day 2015 and EII Science Council Meeting
18 May 2015 Astrophysics Colloquium, University of Oxford/UK "Protoplanetary Disc Structure and planet formation signatures resolved with interferometry" (invited colloquium talk)
21 November 2014 DIAS seminar, Dublin/Ireland "Protoplanetary Disc Structure and planet formation signatures resolved with interferometry" (invited colloquium talk)
13 October 2014 "Circumstellar Disks and Planet Formation" conference, Ann Arbor/USA "Protoplanetary Disc Structure and planet formation signatures resolved with interferometry" (invited talk)
10 September 2014 EPSC 2014, Cascais/Portugal "The Planet Formation Imager Project" (invited talk)
28 June 2014 Interferometry Forum, Montreal/Canada Discussion Session on "Planet Formation Imager: Science"
26 June 2014 SPIE 2014, Montreal/Canada "The Science Case of the Planet Formation Imager (PFI)"
6 May 2014 Concluding MIDI science group workshop, Heidelberg/Germany "From MIDI to MATISSE and the Planet Formation Imager"
8 April 2014 ESO conference "Herbig Ae/Be stars: The missing link in star formation", Santiago/Chile "The Interferometric View of Herbig Ae/Be Stars" (invited review)
18 Feb 2014 FISICA/FP7 workshop, Rome "Imaging planet-formation signatures with ground-based interferometry & overview of EII activities"" (invited talk)
27 Jan 2014 DAMTP seminar, University of Cambridge "Protoplanetary disk structure & planet formation signatures resolved with interferometry"
15 Jan 2014 VLTI Community Days, Grenoble "The European Interferometry Initiative"
12 Sep 2013 EPSC 2013, London "Exploring the Signatures of Planet Formation with Multi-wavelength Interferometry"
10 July 2013 EWASS 2013, Turku/Finland "Exploring the Signatures of Planet Formation with Multi-wavelength Interferometry" (invited talk)
29 May 2013 10th Potsdam Thinkshop "Combining Optical Spectroscopy and Interferometry"
8 Nov 2012 Sagan Symposium, Caltech, Pasadena/CA "Resolving the Gapped Structure in Pre-transitional Disks with Multi-wavelength Interferometry"
29 Oct 2012 CfA PostDoc Symposium, Cambridge/MA "Spectro-interferometric imaging of protoplanetary disks"
5 Jul 2012 SPIE 2012 - Optical and Infrared Interferometry Conference, Amsterdam "New opportunities with spectro-interferometry & spectro-astrometry" (invited talk)
6 Feb 2012 Colloquium, University of Maryland, College Park "Imaging the planet-forming zone in protoplanetary disks"
20 Jan 2012 Hot Topics Series, University of Toledo "Infrared spectro-interferometry of Be and B[e] stars"
1 Dec 2011 CfA, Cambridge/USA "Imaging protoplanetary disk structure using combined sub-mm and infrared interferometry"
8 Feb 2011 Ringberg workshop "Transport Processes and Accretion in YSOs" "Resolving the gas distribution/kinematics in the accretion & outflow-launching region of YSOs (Link)
14 Oct 2010 University of Michigan Astronomy Department Colloquium, Ann Arbor "Zooming in on low- and high-mass YSOs with infrared spectro-interferometry" (invited talk) Link
16 Sep 2010 "Great Barriers in High Mass Star Formation" conference, Townsville, Australia "A hot compact disk around a massive young stellar object" (Link)
27 Jun 2010 SPIE 2010 - Optical and Infrared Interferometry Conference, San Diego "First results from VLTI near-infrared interferometry on young high-mass stars" (invited talk) Link
2 Mar 2010 ESO workshop "The Origin and Fate of the Sun", Garching "Studying the formation of sun-like stars with infrared interferometry" (invited talk) Link
12 Nov 2009 Sagan/Michelson Fellow Symposium, Caltech, Pasadena "Probing gas and dust in the inner-most AU of protoplanetary disks with spectro-interferometry" Link
5 Nov 2009 ESO workshop "From circumstellar disks to planetary systems", Garching "Studying the sub-AU structure of protoplanetary disks and YSO accretion-/outflow-processes with VLTI spectro-interferometry" Link
15 Apr 2009 MPIfR Lunch Colloqium, Bonn "Tracing the dynamical orbit of the young massive binary system Theta1 Ori C"
4 Mar 2009 ESO workshop "The
interferometric view on hot stars", Santiago/Chile
"Young stellar disks" (invited talk) Link
6 Nov 2008 VLTI workshop,
"Star formation physics with VLTI: present and future, GTO" (invited talk) Link
24 Oct 2008 Radio- & Geoastronomy Lunch Talk Series, CfA, Cambridge/USA "Studying the structure of YSO disks with infrared and sub-millimeter interferometry" (Link)
24 Jun 2008 SPIE 2008 - Optical and Infrared Interferometry Conference, Marseille/France "Infrared spectro-interferometry of YSOs" (Link)
22 Apr 2008 "The Universe under the
Microscope" Conference,
Bad Honeff/Germany
"Studying the inner-most AU of YSO accretion disks with VLTI spectro-interferometry" (Link)
7 Nov 2007 MPIfR Public Talk Series,
Bad Münstereifel/Germany
"Noch schärfer als Hubble: Vom frühen und späten Leben der Sterne" (Link)
9 Oct 2007 ESO Workshop "Science with
the VLT in the ELT Era",
"Resolving the inner active accretion disk around the Herbig Be star MWC 147 with VLTI/MIDI and AMBER spectro-interferometry"
25 May 2007 IAU Symposium 243,
"The inner gaseous disk around a Herbig Be star accretion disk revealed by NIR/MIR interferometry"
18 May 2007 "Multiplicity in Star Formation"
Conference, Toronto/Canada
"Optical Interferometry of Orion Trapezium Stars: Preliminary dynamical orbit of Theta1 Ori C"
21 Jun 2004 "SPIE 2004 - New Frontiers in Stellar Interfeormetry", Conference, Glasgow/UK "Infrared Imaging of Capella with the IOTA Interferometer"
22 Mar 2004 IMPRS, MPIfR/Bonn "Interferometric Imaging of Close Binary Stars in the Infrared"
26 Jan 2004 ITA, Heidelberg/Germany "Oligarchic Growth of Giant Planets"

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