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IOTA/IONIC3 Data Reduction Software

In the course of my M.S. and PhD research, I developed a data reduction software package for the processing of data recorded with the IONIC3 instrument at the IOTA-3T interferometer.

The software supports various algorithms, in particular a FFT and a Wavelet-based algorithm for visibility and closure phase estimation. For a general description of these algorithms, I refer to my M.S. thesis and to my Dissertation. This software was also used for data reduction in our science papers about Capella and Theta1 Orionis C.

I encourage the users of my software to collaboration. The software comes without any warranty or guarantee.

To install the IDRS software, please download the following files:


Software manual, including instructions for installation (gzipped postscript format)


Main software package (runs on Linux)

testdata.tar.gz Test dataset

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